Past speaker

Cheryl Peterson, MSN, RN

Vice President for Nursing Programs, American Nurses Association

Cheryl Peterson, MSN, RN is the Vice President of Nursing Programs at the American Nurses Association. In this role, she is provides senior leadership to the Directors of the departments of Health Policy, the Center for Ethics and Human Rights, and the Minority Fellowship Program. These departments are responsible for guiding policy development, as well as advising the ANA CEO, President, and Membership, on the full range of policy and practice issues facing the nursing profession. As part of her policy portfolio, Ms. Peterson is responsible for managing ANA’s participation within the International Council of Nurses, as well as supporting the development and implementation of quality indicators affecting patients, nurses, and the entire health care team. Since coming to ANA in 1990, Ms. Peterson has developed expertise in several areas including political education and campaign involvement; lobbying issues related to labor, employment, trade and immigration; and policy development on the supply of and demand for nursing services. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University.