When two outspoken nursing leaders pair up at convention

May 11, 2023

Convention is just a week away and we have exciting news.

Two amazing nursing leaders are pairing up for a keynote. It’s our equivalent of two Grammy award winners working together.

Monica McLemore, PhD, RN, a nationally and internationally renowned nurse-scientist focusing on structurally marginalized populations, will be joining Diana Mason, PhD, RN, FAAN, the recipient of numerous awards for policy, leadership, dissemination of science, writing, education, public health, media, and advocacy.

McLemore and Mason.

Their talk, Voice Matters: Transforming Health Care in a Post-Covid Era, at 9 a.m. Wednesday, May 17, is about how nurses have an opportunity — and a mandate — to be the leading voice for transforming healthcare to a ‘new normal.’

Nurses are awakening to the power they have and are demanding change. But demands are not sufficient. This presentation will explore the strategic use of power to transform healthcare, including the importance of framing key issues for target audiences, using one’s voice for highlighting both issues and potential creative solutions, and proactively identifying opportunities for working with communities and other stakeholders to lead changes that promote health.

Pre-registration is open until midnight May 14. On-site registration will be available at the convention.

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