Please support scholarships and Nurses Emergency Assistance grants

January 21, 2021

In previous years, the Washington State Nurses Foundation (WSNF) has held a virtual auction during WSNA’s biennial Washington State Nurses Convention. Because the 2021 Convention will now be held virtually, the tough decision was made to cancel this year’s auction. We hope that this year, instead of bidding on auction items, you’ll consider donating directly to two important funds that directly support nurses.

It’s never been clearer how important nurses are for our community. We do our best to keep others safe and healthy every single day, but sometimes, we need help, too.

Education grants and scholarships

An important focus of WSNF is the provision of student scholarships, which is critical to the future of nursing in Washington state. While the nursing workforce is aging, the cost to attend nursing programs continues to rise. Between 2008 and 2018, tuition and fees at community and technical colleges increased approximately 45%, while tuition and fees at four-year colleges and universities rose approximately 65%. This presents a significant barrier to prospective students seeking a career in nursing.

In 2020, WSNF received 38 scholarship applications and funded scholarships for 12 students totaling $25,000. However, we know there are many more nursing students in Washington state who need financial assistance, and we ask that you consider helping them get that much closer to achieving their educational goals.

Nurses Emergency Assistance Grant Fund

Everyone can make a difference for the nurses who are fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, and for all nurses who work to support our communities every day. One way WSNF supports frontline workers is through its Nurses Emergency Assistance Grant Fund, which provides financial assistance to nurses in need. While nurses in areas like critical care are putting in long hours on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, nurses in other areas of hospitals are facing cuts in hours, furloughs and layoffs.

Since the pandemic began, WSNF has distributed $32,000 in emergency financial assistance to nurses in need. But the need is still great.

  • If you are able to help a colleague, please consider donating to the Nurses Emergency Assistance Grant Fund at